Frequently Asked Questions 

Will this pen still work with traditional inks?


How far will one ink refill last me?

This is dependent on the type of fluid you are using (taking into consideration how it is being used and how runny it is). A little ink however does tend to go a long way. One refill can last you a full page of writing. 

How do alternative inks compare to traditional inks?

There are many factors to this question. The main ones being the kind of fluid you are using and also the type of paper (this will play a large role in absorption and how vivid your nontraditional 'inks' will show up). Please note that art papers tend to work great with runnier inks, not so much 'coated' paper such as laser jet paper. Again, a lot of this is experimentation and greatly varies based on the type of liquid being used, as well as the desired result. 

Do I need to clean out the pen after each use?

We recommend cleaning out the pen regularly and as necessary based on what type of 'ink' is being used. Keep in mind that certain "inks" may be more perishable and require more proactive cleaning after each use. 

How does it work?

Please see instructions page for detailed pen use.

Does the pen include a cap?

Yes! Every pen contains a threaded pen cap. 

Can I get replacement parts?

Yes! We do sell components seperately if anything breaks. Just contact us directly and we will take care of you.